Friday, November 19, 2010

Secular Christmas Day (SCD)

I have come up with this idea because of being confronted by theists whom hold the opinion that atheists only want to be part of Christmas celebrations to get presents.
In all honesty, I have outgrown the getting presents for no reason thing together with the sandman and tooth fairy. However the implications of what people perceive atheist mentality to be was a rather big shock.

I have decided to start an incentive to try and make a real difference in the real world to people whom need real help. I have decided to use Christmas day as a day of giving to worthy causes across the world. The initial impact might just be to unite people in going to a Hobo and giving him a meal. However small to just make a difference in someones life on that day and preferably for them to know that you are atheist and doing it to make a difference.

This initiative is not aimed at "stealing" Christmas day, it is not aimed at having atheists join celebrations of Christmas day. It is a plain straightforward attempt to try and unite atheists worldwide in making a small difference in the lives of the needy.

I have started a FACEBOOK page to promote this initiative and hope that this might take of in the spirit it is intended.
I am not asking for any direct monetary contributions. Perhaps in the future if this does becomes a widely recognized cause we can investigate something official. However for now, we just need to get this ball rolling by creating awareness of this amongst atheists.

Yours in Reason
Christo Hoffmann

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